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Billions and billions, up to tens of billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services are going to be sold on the web. A way to think about it is: it is the ultimate direct-to-consumer distribution channel.

Steve Jobs

Founder Apple

Our Pillars

What we can offer you

e-Commerce industry booming in every corner of the world. In particularly in India it’s growing rapidly . Beselling‘s mission is to help entrepreneurs utilize this right time and our cutting edge e-Commerce ReachOut e-commerce system to expand their sales to the entire world and become millionaires.

After Brick & Mortar stores

What will shoppers wants next?

  • Millennials have needs in this digital age.
  • A convienence an easy way to access the products you offer.
  • Need to read reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • Comments need to be monitored to recognize customer needs.
  • No one knows what the future will hold, but being able to adapt to what’s working is an important skill to have.
What’s Working In eCommerce Right Now?

E-Commerce Marketing in the New Digital Age

  • If you don’t pay attention to what’s happening in your space, you are more likely to be in that 80% bracket.
  • Primary Reasons Businesses Fail because Low Sales, Lack of experience, Competition.

No Matter What Your Business Is, If You Make Enough Sales… Everything Else Pretty Much Takes Care Of Itself

How to Leverage

Top E-Commerce Retailers in The World

There are entities who have spent decades building the sales infrastructure, putting out ad spend to attract millions of customers and retailers alike.

Take a look on how the top players in fashion industry makes lots of sales online and see what they are doing well.

And When you choose the right sales channels for your business, you’re leveraging the significant infrastructure to generate visibility and sales for your E-commerce business.

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Generate Visibility & Sales

The Sales Channels For Your eCommerce Business

There are several options when it comes selling your products. Each having its own unique pros and cons. We will cover the most popular ones. Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, CraftsVilla, etc.,

  • Identify the most promising sales channels for your business
  • Choose the right portfolio of channels to boost your company’s sales
  • Build a wide network of customers by multichannel retailing
To ensure stability in the eCommerce market and surpass the competition it is important to choose efficient sales channels while also experimenting with new ones constantly.
What Would works

Understanding What Sales Channels Would Work For You

  • Your brand positioning in the market, be it mass production,handcrafted and unique, luxury, vintage, etc.,

  • Your brand’s positioning in the market
  • What methods do your competitors use and can I use them as well?
  • Your ability to invest and incur costs

In developing new sales channels for your eCommerce enterprise, it is important to carefully consider your sales channels:

  • Your audience, what platform do they shop on?
  • Your payment processing systems [Google Pay, Phone Pay,Paytm, Cards, Netbanking, etc.,] and how to these interact with the various sales channels?
Marketing The Products

Marketing Channels For Your eCommerce

We help you by giving some excellent marketing channels to implement in your e-Commerce business.

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Marketing Channels Master List for eCommerce Business

  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Package Inserts
  • Exit Intent
  • Upsell & Cross Selling
  • Chat Bots
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Give Aways
  • Influencers
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram
  • Live Video
  • Google Business
  • Youtube Channel
  • Linkedin Page
  • Guest Blogging
  • Podcast
  • Retargeting
  • Push Notification
Measuring in The Right way to manage

Key Performance Indicator [KPI] To Keep An Eye On

Indicating performance will be very helpful to know which sales channels performing better to increase sales and our efforts . Here are the list of key performance indicators for eCommerce business to make a report for every week/month/year basis*.

  • Number of Unique Visitors
  • Revenue Per Customer
  • Total Revenue
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Margins
  • Profitability
Cost Efficient Results in Long-term goal

Content Marketing For eCommerce

  • Customers trust organic results more than paid, the ROI is higher in many cases.

  • Much lower cost when compared to marketing mediums
  • Publshing Blog posts, Videos, Live Streaming, related to your products will bring more targeting customers to the store to improve your sales.

Case Study: skincarebyalana.com
Skin care by Alana gets 85%
website traffic from organic search. She have huge followers for their educational contents in Youtube, Instagram and Pintrest.

  • Rapport with your community.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Repurposed, Split & reused into other formats
  • Live video converts
Millennials Social Network

Instagram Marketing For eCommerce

Youngsters favourite social network with 1+ Billion monthly active users.

  • Business uses it to humanize their brand, provide valuable content and make offers to her audience.
  • You can repurpose content from your own blogs, videos and FB posts.
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Cost Effective marketing

Email Marketing for Your eCommerce

  • Email Marketing is cost effective and high Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent
Double Your sales

Upsell The Right Way

  • By using the right upsell stretegy you can reduce the cost per acquasition by half.

  • On checkout page by selling most frequently bought together products reduce customer acqusition cost.
  • 2 upsells / downsells at checkout
  • First upsell at a higher price
  • Second upsell at 2/3 price [Should be a complementary product]

Online Retailer Example

Daily Orders : 500
Average Initial Order : $65
Upsell Price :$55
Upsell Conversion: 5%
Total Upsells : 25
Upsell Revenue : $1375
Daily Orders : 500
Average Initial Order : $65
Upsell Price :$55
Upsell Conversion: 15%
Total Upsells : 75
Upsell Revenue : $4125

Difference: $2,750 Per Day in Upsell Revenue

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Few More Upsells

Product Inserts

A product insert is a small piece of paper or card that contains marketing material about your products/services. Also helping to get email from the targeted customers.

  • Data & Marketing association found that “Product Inserts” get an average of 52% response from buyers.
  • Similarly use Lead Magnet, Exit Intent, Quiz digitally to upsell.
  • Animated exit popups are very effective in Fashion eCommerce upsell.
  • Even we can offer knowledge articles/how to articles like fabric care tips and tricks, etc., to get email address and phone numbers.
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Increase Visitors Engagement

Push Notifications for Subscribers

  • Push welcome drip see a 6% click through rate on average depending on the industry.
  • Increase your visitors engagement by customizing your notification icon, adding large images, crafting custom call-to-actions.
The Most Successful eCommerce Businesses Deploy Sales Channels + Marketing Channels To Maximize Sales
Double Your sales

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) For Your eCommerce

Converting the visitors into buying customers is calledthe Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

  • The industry Average For Fashion eCommerce is About 1-2%… for paying customers

  • For every 100 visitors that you get 1-2% will convert into paying customers.

  • They buy multiple products from you in up sells and in down sells.

Amazon announced it had revenues of $75.4bn in the first three months of the year.

Let’s Do Some Math

  • Meaning 2 out of every 100 people who see your product pages end up converting

  • Let’s say you are making : 600 visits a dayand per product price is $45

  • $98,550 at 1% Conversion Rate [6 sales a day]

  • $246,375 at 2.5% Conversion Rate [15 sales a day]

  • That’s $147,825 additional revenue with ZERO additional costs

By Focusing on The Product Pages [PDPs] You can Increase Revenue With A Few Simple Tweaks.
For More Revenue

Optimizations For Your Product Pages

The product description pages are the landing page for your site visitors. We need to make the necessary layout and content changes to get more conversions and revenue.

  • Create a Title & descriptions for your homepage, Product Pages[PDPs], Product List Pages[PLPs]
  • Optimal Length
  • Optimal format [Natural, Compelling,Click Worthy]
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Visually Convincing

Multiple Product Shots with 360 Degree View

  • 90% of information processed is visual.
  • Humans respond 60,000x times faster to visual than text
  • Multiple HD product images
  • Zoom +/- [if possible]
  • Short Product Demo Video or GIF
Quick Rendering

Product Page Speed Optimization

Usually the high quality images and videos making the page slow because of high in size. By using the right server and by compressing in the right size without reducing in quality we can speed up the fashion product pages.

  • Image compression is the #1 reason for slow page speed.

  • Compress the images before adding to the site.

  • Using the right server specifications and content delivery network(CDN) we can achieve high quality images and videos without loosing speed.

Persuasion in Description

Clearly Articulated Product Descriptions

The product description are the text version of your product other than visuals. We need to explain about our products and services to make them feel good and confidence. Make sure to include following in your product descriptions

  • What is it ? How is it made?
  • Highlight the story or history behind the story
  • Turn Features into benefits
  • Logic+Emotion
  • Understand the product so well, and work hard and leave nothing out.
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Logic + Emotion

  • Focusing on one or the other may: Prolong the decision. Complicate getting the sale

  • Logic and emotion combined will get the conversion more quickly, increase your close ratios, and easily get referrals from very happy buyers

Make them to take action

Call To Action(CTA) Button on Product Page

Usually an eCommerce website product pages having Add to cart or Add to bag button to checkout . In product pages test with different call to action buttons to get more conversions like Add to shopping bag, buy now, Buy, etc.,

  • Add to cart – 58.0%.
  • Add to Bag – 9.8%
  • Add to Shopping Bag – 9.8%
  • Add to Basket – 6.3%
  • Add to Shopping Cart – 4.5%
  • Buy – 2.7%
Answering To The Visitors Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

Unlike shopping in person we have more questions because we can’t see the product and touch & feel the product. So by answering the most commonly asked questions in FAQ section you can save people time and helps boosts conversions.

  • Alleviating customer concerns that your product page copy doesn’t directly address.

  • Earning trust by demonstrating product benefits in real-life use cases.

  • Saving time on repetitive FAQs for customer support

Collecting Visitors Emails

Exit Intent To Offer Something

We can also use Exit Intent like Animated pop ups for discount coupons, digital downloads those leaving the site without completing the purchasing for exchanging their emails.

  • Free Shipping
  • Discounts / Coupons [5%,10%,20%]
  • Free Gift / Content
  • Digital Download
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Don’t miss the money on table

Cart Abandonment Sequence

Customers adding products to the cart but without completing the purchase due to several reasons like payment issues, hesitations , price doubts etc., To make them come back to complete the checkout we need to reach them via email, social network to remind, urge or offer additional discounts.

  • Average: 69.23% abandonment rate
  • $260 Billion are Recoverable through Checkout Optimizations large-scale checkout testing
  • Baymard Institute – have documented solvable, the large-sized eCommerce site can gain a 35.26% increase in conversion rate though better checkout design & cart abandonment.

Make them to come back with sequence mail, social media post with the right messages.

  • Be Specific
  • Be True To Your Brand
  • Be Personal
  • Offer an Incentive
  • Include Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Build Trust with reviews

Customer Reviews For Products

Nowdays people are checking reviews before buying the product and services . In eCommerce product reviews plays a major role on customer buying decisions. We need to get the video testimonials , unboxing videos and ratings from every customers . It also helping to understand the feedback from the customer for the products.

  • Nearly 95% of customers turn to reviews when shopping online and swear that reviews are the most important factor influencing their purchasing decisions.

  • 41% of shoppers worldwide are willing to shop from brands they’re less familier with based on product reviews, customer video reviews, unboxing videos.

Increased Sales

Using Scarcity & Urgency

In additional conversion hack you can use is levaraging scarcity and urgency in eCommerce.

  • Implying Urgency in Your Headlines
  • Implying Urgency in Your Call To Actions
  • Adding Stock Urgency
  • Implying Urgency Using Color
  • Relevancy + Value Proposition
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Sales Process Visualized

Be visible to your customers

Mobile-First Responsive eCommerce website

Customers before purchasing they search the produts and stores in google.

  • Google announsed mobile-first index to solve a problem.
  • Across the globe, mobile devices dominate total miniutes spent online

Responsive design is a big must-have. It’s google’s preferred type of site design. A great mobile site should look:

  • Nice
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Display well on a mobile device

Weather your customers are using a computer , phone, or tablet, You get a great experience. If your site is lacking one or more of these features, your rankings could plummet .

The Right Keywords

Rank Your Product Pages

  • Using competitor research to get “keyword Ideas” for your product pages .

  • Finding content types that work or gaps that could exploit.

  • Analysing what non-content pages has the most social shares to imporove page rankings.

Search Dominating Pages

On-site Listing Optimization -[PDP]

Products content helping to get in search results. Product page title and descriptions content and keywords are very important to get ranking.

  • Titles – Optimizing titles to rank best on Google
  • Bullets – Optimize through tweaking the copy, organic search recommendations ulled from bullets.
  • Descriptions- Clearly articulate the products benefits , primary conversion point
  • Keywords-use accurate keywords that are relevant to your products on the back end search term fields
  • E-commerce category pages & listing pages are dominating search
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On-Page SEO Elements Sitewide

Ensure on-page SEO is maximized:

  • Metadata
  • Heading Tags
  • Body Content
  • Alt Tags
  • Technical Code
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Schema Markup
  • Mobile Viewability
Shopping Search Engine

Google Shopping Organic Product Feed

Google shopping where we can list our fashion products for free to get traffic to our fashion eCommerce store. Need to setup and prepare product feeds with your store website.

  • Top eCommerce websites already using google shopping to get more traffic.
  • In India google launched the google shopping recently and it’s working perfectly to get search traffic.
Ranking Content Pages

E-Commerce Content Production in a Nutshell

  • Preparation – start with research keywords, topics, and titles, Look for content gaps & opportunities.

  • Create a good outline. Focus on points that matters to your audience

  • Produce content that’s share worthy: We can Use good blend of words, pictures and videos in your content.

  • Build links to other content, PDPs & PLPs with in your site. Focus on the most relevant pages.

Content Researcher

Optimize Each Factor For

Google looking these days looking for people who are writing content that are experts. So when you creating that content, you want to show your Expertise, Authority and Trust.

  • And a lot of that has to do with using facts
  • citing your sources
  • having relevant up-to-date content
  • having amazing reviews
  • making sure your website secure
  • with eCommerce everyone should have SSL
  • making sure there is no grammer issues
  • making sure your site is mobile compatible
  • All of this helps.

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Building Links to Content, PDPs & PLPs

  • Craft e-retailer, Cleverpatch, uses internal linking from their product and category pages to some of thier best educational content.
  • Whenever you create an internal link to another relevant page on your site, you should make sure the relevant anchor text includes your target keyword
  • Attract more customers through content marketing like social media posts. blog posts,etc.,like Skincare by Alana having lots of tons of content.

Facebook still has a growth team even though they have a billion users.

Generate Traffic

Ready For Your eCommerce Content Marketing

At this point we should be ready with the following.

  • Have Content pieces & Product Pages you’ve created Based on the Previous Content production process.
  • You are ready to start promoting your content/product pages.
Time To Promote

Most Effective Content Promotion Channels

Even we have best content in the world but no one sees it. Then, it’s all for naught. Let’s get into the most effective content promotion channels.

  • Sidebars: Sidebar links have been used to provide quick and easy access to popular pages for years.

  • Social Media Platforms : You’re missing out if you are not sharing your content on facebook

  • You can also share your content on Instagram,Pinterest,Youtube by creatively repurposing your content like photos,videos,quotes,etc.,

You can Build Relationships with Influencers(Celebs,Actress,etc.,)And Get Them To Link Your Product Pages & Content Posts

Visual Experience

Using Multiple Image Posts

Another type of content we love is using carousel images. So every influencers on instagram profile, what you’ll find is , they’ll tell the story and prople just clicking next, next, next. This also does really well for others on Linkedin.It’s an amazing piece of content that gets tons of shares and gets loves.

  • Tell a Story
  • Customers wants a visual experience
  • Showcase the best moments
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Create Engagement

Push Notifications For eCommerce Store

Also, make sure using push notifications on chrome , firefox, safari and you can use tools for that. We get roughly 6% Clicks. You can create drip sequence to keep getting people to come back and buying more and more from you, as well as pushing them to your content as well.

  • You can use push notificationsto promote your content to an audience who don’t keep up with other channels like email etc.,
Brand Awareness

Link Building For Your eCommerce Store

Link Building from external sites to your eCommerce site helps you to build brand awareness andgoogle rank boosting. It’s one of the core factors in google’s algorithm. By using competitor research system we can get to know the backlinks (where to build links) for your fashion eCommerce products and services.

  • The idea is aim for long term goal, not one and done.
  • Engage with bloggers, feature them and make it all about them and their audience.
  • Make sure come to the relationship with something to offer such as unique insights,products or services.
  • Always give first and then give again before you kindly ask for anything.

Always give first and then give again before you kindly ask for anything

Sales via eMail

Newsletter Emails to keep in touch

When we also write content as we’re collecting emails and we can collect form the eCommerce website popups, notification bars,etc., In Email generate sales by creating attention-grabbing subject lines, hooking readers with a good intro CTA and then adding some links to come back to our eCommerce store. This little simple thing will get more traffic to fashion eCommerce store every time you release a blog post.

  • Creating attention-grabbing subject lines
  • Hooking readers with a good intro
  • Adding CTA with links
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Automation in Chat

Chat Bots & Messenger List

Messengers helping a lot to make more conversions on eCommerce. Facebook Messenger now integrating with Instagram messages its providing easy to connect and intract with prospects. By using the messenger in right way we can make automate the sales cycle to convert more.

  • Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users each month
  • Facebook Messenger marketing also has the added advantage being a lot more personal
  • Services like ManyChat,Intercom, Drift are making Chatbots more accessible than ever before.
The Long-Term Content Promotion Stretegy Summery

eCommerce Content Promotion Workflow

The long-term stretegy is a summery of what we just went through. So let’s make the list

  • Sidebar Links
  • Leveraging social media platforms[Facebook,Youtube,Pinterest]
  • Instagram
  • Influencers
  • Link Building
  • Push Notifications[Subscribers]
  • Newsletter Content
  • Chatbots Messenger
  • Internal Linking
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Sales Channels

Sell On Marketplaces To Increase Revenue

Sales Channels are the place where to keep our store open to get more sales. Marketplaces are the shared marketplace to sell along with others. Like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra are having 10 million+ Users around the country.By listing on these sites we can reach more cities without increasing ourexpences on inventory but they charge commissions to sell on their platform. We need to compete with our competitors in the same platform.

  • You can use push notificationsto promote your content to an audience who don’t keep up with other channels like email etc.,
Pioneer Than Leader

How To Win On Amazon & Flipkart

The way you win on amazon is through internal and external promotion. If we leverage all of them, we can do well

Internal Promotion

  • Product Listing
  • Special Offers
  • Optimizing CTR
  • “More Details” tab
  • Customer Interaction & Support

External Promotion

  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Lighting Deals
  • Amazon Promotions

Internal Promotion Systems

Let’s get started with internal promotions.

  • Effective Amazon & Flipkart product Page
  • Follow-up & customer support
  • Packaging & Inserts
  • Giving out bonuses along with your products[Eg. Surprise bonus, guidebooks, digital PDFs, Coupons]
  • Doing all of these will create a positive feedback loop

Repeat Customers

The big key with Amazon to doing well is not just getting new people, but it’s getting repeat customers. This leads to repeat customers and a long-term brand on Amazon,Flipkart and Myntra

Happy and satisfied customers are often repeat customers

You can increase the amount of repeat customers by:

  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Engagement with Customers
  • Positive Reviews

The Perfect Product Page

As per the perfect product page consists of a few things, and we’ll do into each of them in depth

  • Your product page is the first thing your customers will see
  • If it is not up to par. Then your sales will suffer on Marketplaces
  • Good Product Page -> Higher Conversions = Higher Rankings on Marketplaces
  • Multiple images & videos. Different colors for product, Bundles,Discount & Bullet Points, Answered Questions, 5-star reviews with upvotes

“More Details” Tab

Fill out every field in every tab that is applicable, including “More Details”

This tells amazon more about the product and how to advertise , as well as some of this information is sent to product feeds and third part sites.

Customer Follow Up

Amazon does not provide you your customer’s email address but you can use Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

This s the main way a customer can contact you. You will see the notifications in the “Seller Central” dashboard

Follow Up Rules

There’s a few rules went it comes to these emails:

  • No sales or marketing promotions
  • No links outside of amazon
  • No logo if it has your brand’s website address displayed or has a link

Customer Interactions

Reviews boosting your rankings .You can send some clever messages asking for feedback, offering a discount coupon and a thank you note such as :

  • Emailswhen the product is “marked for delivery
  • E-mails one/two weeks after the order has been shipped
  • Even Phone calls

Ranking & CTR – Reviews

  • Rating and Quantity of Reviews – Work on getting 5 stars. Get 15 reviews – Then we aim for 30, 50, etc.,
  • Get a mix of short and long reviews
  • Get a top reviewer to review your products to give your portfolio more punch
  • Get upvotes on your products
  • Customer images, Videos & other social proof

CTR – Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate , even in Google it is important. Amazon is definetly important as well.

  • Product Shots – Higher Quality Images
  • Product Title – Include your keywords
  • Brand Name – Use a niche specific brand name
  • Bullet Points – People love bullet points, a quick way to get product benefits across
Brand Awareness

External Promotion – Youtube

When we making YouTube Videos for eCommerce we need to have in mind what our objectives are:

  • Building Our List
  • Promoting Coupons
  • Brand Awareness
  • Content Marketing
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More Traffic

Amazon Listings Traffic

How else do you get more traffic to your Amazon listings? We do the other things to get traffic from other channels.

  • Email Lists
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (Doing Better)
  • Coupons(Effective)
  • Push Notifications(Super Effective)

Paid Traffic to Your Product Listings

Before we get started with PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign, you want to make sure you are profitable by using the ACOS(Advertisement Cost Of Sale ) Formula to look at How much you are spending on Ads and How many sales you’re generating :

Ad Spent
————- =

Cost of

Ideally you want your ACOS to be 1/4 to 1/2 of the profit margin

If you are spending INR200 per sale , spending INR20 per sale is your margin more than INR200 or INR20. As long as it’s profitable, ideally the more profitable, the better you should keep spending.

And at first it may not , but over time , you can tweak it , And i will show you somethings you can do to tweak it and make it profitable over time.

Paid Campaigns

Paid Campaigns Start With The Keywords You Choose

  • High Impressions but relevant
  • Amazon Search Terms Report
  • Search Frequency Rank & Click Share
  • Analyse at your competitors and choose 5 keywords that work for them, it will fork you
  • Make sure that your competitors are all on the first page for all keywords and keyword phrases

Amazon PPC Platform

Once you pick the keyword:

  • We Create Auto Campaign
  • We Create Manual Campaign

These two are your bread and butter. The whole purpose of pay per click is to drive, not only sales,but to increase your rankings. So that way, organically over time, you can keep generating more and more sales.

Reminder – PPC’s purpose is to get your products out there, and ride off the wave that it’ll provide you in terms of rankings & Profitability.

Bidding Wars

PPC – Bids

Othar than bidding we must have Better title, Better Description helps you have better click through rates. You are going to be better off and you’re going to be showcased even if you’re not paying as much. We are expert in creating better PPC to get better results.

  • Bidding on Amazon Advertising is a second price auction
  • Seller who bids highest on a keyword wins the auction and gets their ad displayed at the top of the search.
  • You only pay what the seller who came in second place bids.

Amazon Key Profitability Facts

A/B testing is a process of showing two varients of the same web page to different segments of website visitors at the same time and comaparing which varient drives more conversions.

There are many profits of using A/B Testing

  • Solve Visitor Pain Points
  • Get Better ROI from Existing traffic
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Make Low-Risk Modifications
  • Achieve Statistically Significant Improvements
  • Profitably Redesign Your Website

First Month On Amazon

  • Rush to 15 Reviews.Social Proof is key
  • Make use of PPC[INR10-INR20]
  • INR300 for daily budget

Second Month On Amazon

  • Analyze PPC keyword phrase reports & Search term report to see if you are missing any keywords & phrases
  • Check on your PPC Keyword Phrase Reports
  • Track: Keyword Positions, Conversion Rate & Traffic
  • Manual Campaign for Key Phrases

What to do Afterwards?

  • Manage your PPC Campaigns
  • Increase Traffic of your product listings
  • Keep A/B Testing & Optimize Conversion Rates
  • Increase your Keyword rankings

[Remember this is an always ongoing process!]

Lightning Deals

Offering deals in Amazon like online marketplaces will helps to increase visibility and traffic tou your product page. In particularly lightning deals makes customers urging to buy your product instantly.

It’s a great way to generate a boost of sales for your products.

  • You can find lightning “deals” in Amazon & Flipkart
  • Every week you’ll get a chance to run them based on recommendations
  • Usually starts in a few weeks after creation
Increase Visibility

Amazon & Flipkart Promotions

You can also run promotions for your products on online marketplaces to boost your sales and create brand visibility by increasing traffic. To get more sales by promotions we can offer following things:

  • Promo Codes
  • Percentage Off
  • Giveaway
  • Free Shipping
  • Buy One Get One
  • Social Media Promo Code
  • External Benefits. i.e pre order benefits
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Mistakes to Avoid

Amazon & Flipkart Promotion – Mistakes

So here’s some mistakes before you go out there to avoid.

  • Not planning your budget correctly (With Budget planner we do the magic)
  • Promotions running too long(Our Data Analytics Team will do that efficiently)
  • Not setting Promotions up correctly – Don’t accidently give away roducts for free.

Being on the right sales channels – let’s you leverage their platforms and get more customers !

Additional Selling Channels

Selling On Multiple Sales Channels

Your products can sell anywhere to reach your audience. Other than Amazon we can sell it to Flipkart, Myntra etc., They are autually very similar.

So going over them, implementing them it’s actually not going to be too hard. Becuase all the sales channels work pretty much the same with Minor Differences.

Rank Your Product Listing Pages

If you want to do well in eCommerce you got to rank your product listing pages. From search goal values to keyword competition, commercial intent, grouping, all these things are important. We do that to improve sales.

  • Search Goal Value
  • Keyword Competition
  • Commercial Intent
  • Grouping

Rank Your High Volume Marketplaces

Based on what people are looking for we can predict the keywords. With that keywords we can analyse volume of traffic leads to competitor website. Based on all these data we improve our Rank.

  • Gathering keywords for your fashion products
  • Use the “keyword ideas” feature to find ideas for your products.
  • Related, Questions, Propositions & comparisions

And based on CPC (Cost Per Click) we need to choose our keywords. That means it can drive a lot of sales.

Listing Optimization

Once we got a list of Keywords that we want to target,We want to optimize your listings, from your titles, including keywords in there that helps you rank higher, especially on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra,etc.,from your bullets tweaking the copy, making sure the keywords in there are same with the descriptions

By doing all of this what you will find is , You’re going to start ranking for more and more keywords.

  • Titles – Optimizing titles to rank best
  • Bullets – Optimzie through tweaking the copy, organic search recommendations pulled from bullets
  • Descriptions – Clearly articulate the products benefits , primary convesion point.
  • Keywords – Use accurate keywords that are relevant to your fashion products on the back end search term fields.

We want to do on-going optimization For 20+ Bestselling SKUs a month

Product Shots & Product Details

And when we do this, remember, just ranking isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your images are amazing, you have HD high quality once we’re getting high click through rates.

And They’ll boost your conversions. Because these sites make money as you sell more. And that also causes your rankings to skyrocket over time.

  • Choose the right category for your fashion prodcut or SKU.
  • Get HD Images & At least siz product shots
  • List Benefits of your product
  • Are the product details easy to read over and understand?

Game plan for Flipkart, Myntra, Facebook

There’s a lot of eCommerce sites out there. So I’m going to go over a few of them and we go over step by step how you can leverage them.

Overall Stretegy

  • We Look and analyse at your competitors and see what works for them. Model & improve & make it unique to your brand.
  • Choose the right portfolio of channels to boost your company’s sales
  • To ensure stability in the market and surpass the competition it is important to choose efficient selling channels while also experimenting with new channels.

Business Policies

  • Getting Familiar with marketplaces and sales channels
  • Business policies vary on each platform, being proactive helps tremendusly
  • As a seller, you have to be aware of each platform policies
To Standout

Future of selling

There’s also some other opportunities that stand out that I want you to leverage. First one is

Chat Bots – Its a great way to leverage and gain more subscribers especially from facebook. They’ll sew multi channel like email and phone as well , We’ll want to set that up.

So you can go there, you can do a broadcast by using different options and messages. Targeting the right audience in right time with filters and advancded broadcast settings.

  • For First time Interaction
  • Follow up
  • Bulk Promotions
  • Keep on announcing
  • Keep in Touch with your audience
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Marketing Channels

Skyrocket Your Product Sales

We are going to see about shopping and Products and In other words how ads works and how we can drive sales to your Brand Products website profitably.

In the above , we’ve covered everything from the basics of ecommerce and getting started to SEO and CRO. Then we even dove into sales channels. And now we’re getting into marketing channels.

Marketing Platforms

The Three Main Platforms

There’s three main marketing channels that we can use , that’ll give you quick traction. It’s Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

What is Adwords All About?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within google ad network to web users.

We’re intrested in “Product Ads” which tend to appear at the top of the search engine listings, your fashion product ads going to appear where searchers are going to be looking the most.

It’s really profitable way to drive eCommerce Sales.

Structuring Campaigns

When we’re running campaigns through Google, you can structure your campaigns in many different ways.

You can structure your google campaigns in many different ways for eCommerce. You can categorize them based on product line, regions that we’re targeting,the options are endless.

Just make sure try to keep things in an organized, because eventually you’are going to keep going back tweaking and fine tuning them.

So that way your products, your ads, driving the most amount of sales to fashion products. So let’s get started by setting up Google Shopping Ads.

  • Think about how to categorize your campaigns. You can categorize them per country or on a product line/single product.
  • Make sure to structure your campaigns such as giving them proper names, as you grow this will become more important.

Targetting Specific Regions With Keywords

When we start setting up Google Shopping ads we need to connect with merchant center. Once complete the connection between your website and google merchant center we can start publishing fashion product campaigns based on the location and regions with specific keywords.

  • Another thing to look at is keywords, we make sure your Products & Campaigns contain the best keyword themes.
  • We use SEO to research your product page keywords.

  • Creating a successful campaign can be hard if you haven’t analyzed Conversions, CPC, CTR, from the market .

Google Ads Budget for eCommerce

It’s time to select your budget. So dont’worry about what budget you select for now, just custom select amount based on our analysis.

Because what we’re going to do is we’re going to pause your campaign because once you select your budget, we pause the campaign in settings.

The reason you want to pause it is we are not ready to spend money. We have more things that we have to go through. Remember, this is all about selling e-commerce goods.And I told you that we’re going to get very specific to Commerce.

So I want you with your Google Ads to go the display campaigns to make new campaign, after that, click on sales as a Goal.

Then we select type of campaign as Shopping. Once we select shopping campaign we want o select merchat account the one already we created and configured. Google Ads offering Standard campaign and smart campaign . To get better ROI we need to run standard campaign then scaling to smart campaigns makes sense. Then we provide budget we suggest 50 for testing and location and start the campaign.

We’ll keep on tweaking if tor growth and profitability on your fashion product campaigns.

Linking Accounts

We’ll also want to link your accounts , In Google Merchant center in linked accounts by using Google Ads customer ID we need tie together.

We’ll need to keep your date up to date so it reflects your inventory of fashion products like stock availablity, price etc.,.

Additional Tweaks to Your Campaigns

Here’s some additional tweaks that we can make to your campaign to get a little bit more ROI. And this will help get you a jumpstart.

Ad Extensions are extremely helpful for increasingCTR
A Few Examples are:

  • Promotions
  • Sitelinks
  • Callouts

And Start adjusting some of these things, because if you’re calling out some of your products, and making them stand out, It does help drive more sales as well.

Remarketing – RSLA

One of my favourite approaches and this is one of the effective ones is just setting up a remarketing campaign.

Have you ever noticed you’ll go to a website. Let’s say you’re trying to buy a mattress for your bed and you don’t buy but you start browsing other news websites and just other random sites, but you’ll start seeing mattress ads follow you around the web from that same company. It’s because they’re remarketing you.

And setting up remarketing campaigns is a great way to also generate more sales because most of people that land on your website will end up buying from you right away.

  • Remarketing lists [RSLA] lets you customize Search ad campaigns for people who have visited your site before.
  • You can tailor bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google.


It’s one of the best ad types that you can run. And it tends to have one of the highest ROI. So definetly recommended setting that up.

  • Now to take it to the next stage you could also segment your visitors and send them personal messages to increase ROI even more.
  • A good thing to think about s what exactly is stopping visitors from checking out at?

Create A Shopping Campaign

  • Reach people who have expressed interest in specific products on your website.
  • Promote relevant products to people across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

Create Dynamic Product Ads

  • Building product catalogs on Facebook by using product feeds from your website.
  • Choose the relevant product option
  • Pick the target audience that’s most relevant to your product offer
  • Start with a Reasonable Budget and bid

Key Profitability Factors

The Key to profitability when you’re running ads is a few things

  • Live Chat – Collect and Study the data
  • Using tools such as heatmaps
  • Log your observations and create a hypothesis [Data is Everything]
  • Create variations based on your Hypothesis
  • Run more A/B Tests over time

A/B Testing Calculator

By using A/B Testing calculator we can plug in your conversions and your visitors to each variation, It’ll tell you which one converts better than the other way you can maximize your sales.

Your Test Results

Test “B” converted 34% better than Test “A”.I am 99% certain that the changes in Test “B” will improve your conversion rate.

Your A/B test is statistically significant!

Cart Abandonment Sequence

And of Course, you’re going to get a lot of people to bet in your checkout process. You can start using ways to get them back such as emailing them using push notifications,etc.,

There is lot of options for you by optimizing yourabandoned sequence like your emails and your push notifications, in general should be able to increase your sales by 10%.

  • Check your conversion rate & total sales change price[By 10% for example]
  • Go for what gives you the most net margin
  • A high conversion price point doesn’t always equal profitability compared to other products.

We want to go for what has the most profit and is the easiest low hanging fruit. And this is where a lot of opportunity is for a ton of e-commerce sites.

And remember, we’re not optimizing for price points, we’re optimizing for profitability.

Your highest converting marketing channel will be email marketing

Alteranative and Powerful

High ROI Alternative Marketing Channels

The ones outside of Facebook Ads, Google Ads even Bing Ads. They are all great. But here we’re going to see about other marketing channels for eCommerce. Let’s see few things about them.

  • E-Mail Marketingn
  • Youtube Ads
  • Instagram
  • Etsy
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Cost Effective

Email Marketing

And one of our highestmarketing converting channel, is going to be email. I know email it sounds like this archaic thing. But over 3.9 billion people in this world use email. That’s pretty much half the population.

And all the big e-commerce companies that we’ve consulted and worked with over the years. They all tell me one thing email is their number one channel. So make sure you use email.

Facts About E-mail Marketing

  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a direct result of an email marketingmessage – Direct Marketing Association

  • 72% of consumers say that email is their favored conduit of communication with companies they do business with. 61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them even more frequently.

  • Global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users. That’s half of the world’s population!

E-Mail Workflow

Your email funnel and workflow is going to be complex over time, but you don’t need to worry about this in the beginning. We’re going to start you off really simple.

And over time, you can continually add to your email sequence your flows. Itdoesn’t matter what email provider you’re using, I am going to show you where you should get started.

Here are Few Important Campaigns

  • Abandon Cart Campaign – When we work with a client, this is the first campaign we implement. Since they are leaving 5%-10% f their total revenue on the table without it.

  • Win-Back Campaigns-
    A meticulously crafted campaign designed to pique the interest of existing leads & Customers that haven’t visited or puchased in around 120 days… It’s a great way to encourage them to come back.

  • Customer Nurturing-
    This is basically a campaign to show your new customers, that you care about them! It’s a chance educate them and teach them about your brand.

Cart Abandonment

Email 1: 4 Hours Later
Email 2:16 Hours Later
Email 3: 2 Days Later

Giveaway a coupon to help close the sale.

It’s an effective strategy that you need to test out.

Win Back Email

  • Email 1: Immediatly

  • Email 2: 2 Days later

This is not the most fun campaign you get to send to your customer, but you can be more creative and use a playful tone to soften up the message.

This one is from Blue Apron. So typically , If you have been purchasing from them for three, four months, and then something happens like your card stops. They will end up sending you an email directly right away to try to win you back, and even two days later. Its doesn’t have to be the funnest email. You can spice it up if you want, show your personality but something is better than nothing.

Customer Nurturing

Here is one on customer nurturing . These guys send an email right away two days later and four days later.

Email 1: Immediately
Email 2:2 Days Later
Email 3: 4 Days Later

They Tell the Customer How To Use The Product in The Best Way Possible. So they have an amazing experience, tell other people about it,and they keep coming back to buying more and more.

Some Best E-mail Practices

There’s a lot of best email practices. We can keep going on and on with lists and lists. But we are going to point out a few that really need to focus on.
The first is don’t use no-reply in yur email addresses.
Make it person or make it something related to your company name.
Hack, You can even do support but, typically if it’s a person that’s even better or a mascot.

  • Segmentation Criteria[survey campaign]
  • Pre-header Text -increases Open rates
  • Send time 9-AM PST seems to yield the highest open rates
  • Sending frequency -2 -3Times a Week at consistent days.
  • Email Size – Make sure the email size stays under 2 Megabytes
  • Avoid using ‘no-reply’ in the sender’s email address.
  • Include an email signature
  • A/B test different subject lines and calls to action.

Top Consumer Spending Events

There’s a lot of ways that you canend up generating sales through email. For example, you can end up doing things, like back-to-school campaigns, winter holidays, of course there’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Which everyone knows about. But I want to show how there’s many other opportunities to generate sales, as well.

“You should always have a well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads”

Youtube Ads

But there’s more options, as well, like YouTube Ads.

Now with YouTube ads if you end up having them it ends up balancing out your portfolio and can drive you extra sales.

So make sure you run your YouTube Ad Campaign, get started. And when you’re settings things up

  • Youtube Ads allow you to advertise your product on a well-known YouTube channel & to the right audience.
  • Note: Make sure the placement of the ad is on a good spot and fits your products.

Alternative Ads

Responsive display ads – Enter your text ad and image + logo, and will optimize its performance

Engagement Ads – Run engaging image and video ads on youtube

Gmail Ads – Show expandable ads on top of people’s inboxes.

Instagram Ads

The next one is Instagram Ads, We love it.

Instagram Facts

  • Founded 2010

  • In April 2012 , Facebook acquired the service for $1 Billion in cash and stock

  • Total number of Monthly active Instagram users : 1+ Billion

Instagram favors accounts who engage with their audience on the platform

Comment Reply

  • Apart from the instagram algorithm, 3x-5x higher engagement from your posts in the long-term
  • Reply to your followers comments
  • You can simply like the comment, reply with another emoji, or a simple “Thank You!”
  • You can simply like the comment, reply with another emoji, or a simple “Thank You!”
  • Instagram favors accounts who engage with their audience on the platform.
Keep on improving

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing allows you to easily change the headline, button, image, or any other element of your website to create multiple variations of your website.

Elements you should test:

  • A/B Test PDPs [Product Detail Pages]
  • Better Keyword rankings [Bids, organic traffic.,etc.,]
  • Track signups, clicks, or any other conversion goal
  • optimize your supply chains & margins

We want to optimize your landing pages, your sites, because if you optimize your landing pages and sites, what you’ll find is instead of 100, or one out of every 100 people converting, maybe you can get two out of every 100. That’s double the sales, doesn’t seem like a big number, but through A/Btesting we can increase your sales.

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“You have come far and learned much. I am proud of you for taking the time to grow your business.” – Ramesh Shanmugam, Founder of BeSelling.com

From The Data

E-commerce Projected To Grow Year By Year

  • eCommerce revenues are projected to grow to $6.54 trillion US Dollars

  • Retail sales are moving online due to covid-19

  • Direct-to-Consumer is selling accelerating by collecting and using customer data & offer personalized products.

You would see companies like Amazon and Shopify booming. Their stocks went through the roof.

A big Takeaway for you is e-commerce will continually grow year over year.

“Ambition means tying your well-being to what other people say or do. Sanity means tying it to your own action” – Marcus Aurelius

Understanding Your Metrics

I want you to understand a few metrics. Because these are going to be important for your success. In eCommerce, and if you know these, you’ll do well in the long run.

  • COGS – Cost Of Goods Sold

  • ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

  • ROI – Return On Investment

We help you to make sure those metrics are always positive and growing

Data is King – Don’t make critical business decisions without it (Actually We are Data Scientists By DNA).

Building A Relationship With Your Customer

And If you really want to do well in the long run, We wantyou build a relationship with your customer.
It’s not just about you.
It’s not just about making money.
It’s about providing the best experience because, in the long run, that’s what’s going to cause you to succeed and continually get that repeat business.

It’s how Amazon, Myntra, Biba like brands continually exceeds and does well because everyone keeps going back and buying more and more.

Winning Long-Term

Repeat Customers Are The Crux Of A Profitable Fashion eCommerce Business

What Brands Should You Follow?

When it comes to e-commerce – The Best Learning Comes From Following Successful Brands in Real- Time:

  • Zara
  • Biba
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Libas

What Does it Take To Be A Great eCommerce Marketer

  • 1. Become a People Watcher

    Tip: Understand The “Why” To Improve Your Users Life.

  • 2. Be Ready and Willing to Adapt

    Understand that ideas, people and business change.
    Learn to love these changes and adapt to what is working.
    Tip: Be Flexible and Learn to Let Go.

  • 3. Scratch That Curiosity Itch

    Being curious is a good trait to have as a marketer.
    Always be aware of what is working with your own company and your competitors.

  • 4. Embrace Your Teammates

    As much as you have strengths and weaknesses. You will have or want to have people that support you in business.
    Don’t be too precious about your work and learn to rely on others.

  • 5. Be Persistent

    Things take time with marketing and if you accept the first answer on everything then it will be much longer.
    Campaigns needs time to work so play the long game.

  • 6. Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

    Finding customers online can be exciting.
    But do not forget your existing customers can give you that revenue growth and help you sell your services or products.
    Remember who put you on the map to begin with and do your best to provide the best service.

  • 7. Forming The Right Habits

    Your life is dominated by habits. Some are good and some are bad.
    Habits are repeated behaviors with little to no conscious intention.
    What habits are good for growing a business?

8. Find a Part of Your Work You Love

Finding a passion and working in a job or business that matches – Doesn’t always go as “planned”.
The idea is to findwhat you love doing within your work and optimizing your time to focus on that.
What Part Of Your Work Can Love More

How To Get To The Next Level?

e-Commerce ReachOut learning completed!

Now it is time to apply everything you have learned above.

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